Biometric Services

Finger Print Time Attendance System

Method: Fingerprint, Fingrprint+Password, Fingerprint+RFID, Fingrprint+Password+RFID

Biometrics can be used for authentication of persons for use in Access Control / Time & Attendance. Biometrics can also be employed as a replacement for passwords and / or cards in computer security system. With biometrics, there is no need for password maintenance or changes. A biometric cannot be lost or forgotten, so there is no need to reset passwords. Even applications where positive match is required through 1:N identification like checking of professional Blood donors, spot checking of personnel in high security areas, etc..
Fingerprint Recognition based software for Registration & Verification of employees, visitors, members etc.
it can be used by offices & organizations to verify people at entrance desk to establish their secure identity. 

  •     Employee attendance logging
  •     Visitor verification
  •     Security Desk in Banks, Security installations
  •     Member verification in Clubs, member organizations


  •     Secure Fingerprint registration & verification system
  •     Fast and easy to use.
  •     We do not forget our fingers.
  •     Low-cost solution.
  •     Fingerprints do not change over time.
  •     Fingerprints stop unauthorized access.
  •    Verify the user Identity with one-to-one or one-to-many fingerprint matching
  •     Optional Photograph pop-up after fingerprint verification
  •     Auto-scanning option for operator free scanning and logging

Technical Information  

Capacity :    950 Persons(1900 Templates),2 Templates per users
Communication:  RS-485→ Relay Box(BF-20)
Log Data:  32768 Transactions , 2000 Configuration changed log , WG Output Support
Keypad:  10 Number Key + 6 Function Key + 1 Door Bell
Dimensions:  145× 125× 33mm
Power:  DC 9∼ 30V 1A
Display:  128× 64Dots LCD, 3LED